CFO Solutions

Why do you need a Chief Financial Officer?

All too often, the accounting function of a business is neglected especially when the focus is on growing the business. It is not just about filing paperwork and bookkeeping. It is also about process, controls and strategy.

A well-designed accounting system and process yields efficiency. A growing business needs strong internal controls and useful financial reporting.

A CFO can provide the expertise to support an effective accounting function and a CFO is your financial sounding board for business growth and strategy.

Depending on the size of your business, you might not need a full-time CFO. Or you might have already have a CFO but your business is growing at speed and short-term resource is needed as a boost.

This is where we come in – offering CFO support only when you need it and we hit the ground running.

(We also like to think outside the box.)


A good bookkeeping system lets you stay in control of your finances, manage your paperwork, avoid duplication of data entry and be ready for audits. Our services include the following.

    • Designing and implementing an efficient bookkeeping system
    • Reviewing and advising on your existing bookkeeping process
    • Supervision of your bookkeeping staff and review of their work
    • Full-service bookkeeping – send your documents to us and we will take care of everything

Start-Ups & Growing Businesses

Focus on starting up your business with the peace of mind that your accounting function is taken care of. Here are some of Sum & Substance's start-up services:

    • Design and implement an effective accounting system
    • Design, implement and monitor bookkeeping / accounting processes
    • Advise on and document your accounting policies and procedures

Project Work

Is your business considering any of the following? We can help prepare the financial information and analysis to help with decision-making in the following scenarios.

    • Obtaining financing
    • Negotiating a contract
    • Considering the purchase or sale of an asset
    • Hiring staff
    • Assessing the profitability of business segments

Sum & Substance can assist you with:

    • Data analysis and calculations
    • Preparing budgets and performing cashflow analysis
    • Drafting policies and procedures related to the finance function, such as expense policies and bookkeeping procedures
    • Reviewing internal controls

Tax Preparation

    • Personal Tax Returns
    • Sole Proprietorships
    • Partnerships
    • Corporate Tax Returns